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Posted by Brillant Aloin on Monday, 24 February, 2020 16:57:26

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Login ; Safe Electrical training will be mandatory for ACS from July 2020.(TBC) GATC will provide all you need - Phone for details. If you do ACS after April 2020 you will need certified safe isolation competence before attending an ACS centre. Gas Assessment & Training Centre 14A Taff

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Eurofins Genomics is an international provider of DNA sequencing services, oligonucleotide synthesis products and bioinformatic services. The company's strength is its strong customer orientation, fast service and high quality products including a series of advanced oligonucleotide design tools.

Since 1983 we have supported small and medium-sized enterprises with their US operations, regardless of size, industry, or home country. Decades of practical experience and local knowledge, paired with our reliable back-office service, make it possible for our foreign clients to have a transparent, cost-effective and lasting professional presence in the US.